Membership Purpose

After decades of decline, New York City’s manufacturing sector is showing signs of growth and new job creation.

To insure that this growth is encouraged and expanded upon, a group of manufacturing owners have organized the Manufacturers Association of New York City (MANYC). The role of MANYC is to:

  • Inform our elected officials about the 250,000 jobs we provide to the local economy, and ask that our needs be considered;
  • Fight for our fair share of the millions of dollars the city gives to big corporations to retain jobs in New York City;
  • Fight for the continuation of programs that curb energy costs and real estate taxes for industrial and commercial companies;
  • Fight for the maintenance and expansion of industrial zones;
  • Fight for worker training programs that are relevant to your business.

Together through MANYC we can make a difference. We will work to bring your manufacturing concerns to the public debate about the future of New York City.

MANYC is a membership organization for New York City manufacturers– all sizes, all industries, all boroughs. The annual dues help make it possible to do the work necessary to accomplish our purpose–including raising the profile of manufacturing in New York City–and ultimately making it easier and more profitable for companies to do businesses here.

In turn, members benefit from being part of a strong network of professionals of a similar mindset working towards the same goals.* MANYC has "MANYC ACTION" which informs all memberbers of relevant issues and events citywide-as well as a website to keep the flow of communication and exchange constant.

To be a part of MANYC, simply download and fill out the application on the back and either fax or mail to MANYC. Below are the membership categories and annual dues.