Who We Are

MANYC is a not-for-profit association of New York City manufacturing business owners and other interested parties who have come together to educate the public sector about the important role played by the manufacturing sector in the local economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment that enables manufacturers to stay and grow in New York City and to provide good jobs for our City's residents. We do this by shaping a legislative and regulatory environment responsive to local economic growth and by increasing understanding among policy-makers, the media and the general public about the importance of manufacturing to New York City's economy.

Our Approach

— Identify key issues of high importance to the local manufacturers
— Research issues and develop recommendations for change
— Educate state and local elected and appointed officials on our needs

Manufacturing Facts

There are approximately 11,000 manufacturing firms in NYC, providing more than 250,000 jobs. NYC has 43% of manufacturing firms statewide. More than 900 small manufacturing firms in NYC have grown in sales, employment or both by 20% or more over the previous three years. 80% of manufacturing firms in NYC responding to a recent survey planned to reinvest in plant and/or equipment over the next two years. Lack of affordable real estate in NYC is the number one problem for small business owners — including manufacturing businesses.